Our Team


Marco is the ex-frontman of London’s loudest band and co conspirator at various vegan food food ventures including Young Vegans and Death By Pizza. He is currently the proud owner of a fantastic beard, which he twiddles and strokes when deep in thought or engaged in intellectual conversation.


A Camden boy born and raised, when not leading Camden Pub Crawls, Alev travels and films documentaries. He dreams of owning a camera-equipped submarine and voyaging in the deep – an adventure Undiscovered London is eager to finance (providing we can tag along). A latter-day Jacques Cousteau in the making.

Ali B B

A songwriter and guitarist from London, Ali is also studying for a Masters in Psychology. Why? He does not know, but hopefully a degree in psychology will help him figure it out. When he is not pub crawling he is preparing songs for his excellent band, Medicine Ball.


An East London native, Bliss is studying Special Educational Needs, Culture and Society (yes, that is a real degree) and has spent most of her professional life fighting for the underdog. A grime, hip hop and Drag enthusiast, she embraces the rough edges of the world and sees no fun in perfect!


From the land down under, Daniel ran his own events management company before he packed his bag and decided to travel the world. More than two years and umpteen countries later he ended up with us at Camden Pub Crawl. He still travels, but we make sure he always comes back.


A northerner living in north London. Alongside leading pub crawls, he also writes songs for Sony and fronts his rock band. He likes to party, slightly addicted to ice cream and is never short of a good story. He knows most people in Camden, from the bar staff to the bouncers, the cleaners to the cabbies, and is always excited to meet more.


Failed actress and world traveller terrified of flying. Future bride of Prince Harry (unbeknownst to him). Lover of language (I can count to ten in six languages). Highlight of my life: getting stuck in an elevator with Tom Cruise and realising I was taller than him. I love London because everyday there’s something new to do, new friends to meet, and food to eat. I can also play the recorder through my nose whilst tap dancing.


Our Slovenian fashion junkie and shoe lover, with a lucrative sideline customizing Camden Pub Crawl t-shirts for the rich and famous. Ran away from being a lawyer and is hiding out with us.


An intrepid party animal. Having been mistaken for an employee on countless pub crawls on all seven continents, Tim finally found his true calling as a Camden Pub Crawl guide. Usually found cutting intricate shapes on the dance floor.