Our Team



Used to live in Brazil scribbling in his note pad and drinking coconut water on the beach all day. Reported for The New Statesman from Afghanistan, the Middle East and other places. Was based in the northwest frontier of Pakistan as a Winston Churchill Fellow and travelled in disguise to Taliban-controlled tribal areas. Founded Undiscovered with Marco in 2010.


A founding father of Undiscovered, Marco is also a budding filmmaker, culinary professional, ex-frontman of London’s loudest band and future mayoral candidate. He is currently the proud owner of a fantastic beard, which he twiddles and strokes when deep in thought or engaged in intellectual conversation.


Our delightful Head of Operations. Jesse is the one responsible for piloting The Undiscovered nimbly through asteroid belts and solar storms. Without her, we’d be space dust! A Londoner born and raised, with French roots, she can speak three languages fluently. Jesse caught the travel bug young and hasn’t stayed put in any one place for long. But home is where the heart is, so, after several years in Oz, living the dream and working as a personal trainer, she returned to the city that she loves, leaving the sun and sand far behind. Where might you find Jesse when she is not in command? Life drawing classes, working up a sweat at the gym or at yoga, socialising with the people she loves, feeding her shopping addiction or, more often, giving Tim a run for his money on the dance floor.


A Camden boy born and raised, when not leading Camden Pub Crawls, Alev travels and films documentaries. He dreams of owning a camera-equipped submarine and voyaging in the deep – an adventure Undiscovered London is eager to finance (providing we can tag along). A latter-day Jacques Cousteau in the making.

Ali B B

A songwriter and guitarist from London, Ali is also studying for a Masters in Psychology. Why? He does not know, but hopefully a degree in psychology will help him figure it out. When he is not pub crawling or playing live music on our Camden Walking Tour, he is preparing songs for his excellent band, Medicine Ball.


Hello! I’m Alicia, Londoner and resident geek. When I’m not showing wonderful people around the city I love, you’ll find me swing dancing my way through the streets of London or beavering away in a library with my nose in a statute book. From time to time I escape the rush by travelling to faraway continents or persistently, yet unsuccessfully, hammering out Wonderwall on my guitar.


Entrepreneur, online language teacher, translator and leader of Spanish language walking tours. Obsessed with foreign accents, I specialise in accent reduction classes online (and everyone wonders when I will get a proper job). I love foreign cultures and languages: I speak and study seven of them and am keen to learn as many as possible. There’s just one thing I love as much: music. I play cello, saxophone and I’ve just started annoying the neighbours with my electric guitar. I’ve been told by my students that I have a lot of energy, so I try to stay active by throwing a few kicks and punches in my Taekwondo class.


An East London native, Bliss is studying Special Educational Needs, Culture and Society (yes, that is a real degree) and has spent most of her professional life fighting for the underdog. A grime, hip hop and Drag enthusiast, she embraces the rough edges of the world and sees no fun in perfect! Working on both our Camden Pub Crawl and East End and Street Art Walking Tour, Bliss loves to show people the dark and otherwise unexplored corners of her hometown!


Originally from up north, Dale migrated to the big city a few years back to pursue his musical interests. Leads our walking tours with charm and wit, and can often be seen strumming his guitar on our Camden Markets and Music Legends Tour.


From the land down under, Daniel ran his own events management company before he packed his bag and decided to travel the world. More than two years and umpteen countries later he ended up with us at Undiscovered London. An indispensable part of the management team, Dan runs pub crawls and is involved in all aspects of the circus and social experiment known as Undiscovered London. He still travels, but we make sure he always comes back.


A soothing voice calming the crowds on our walking tours. Eddie is an actor and musician from Oxford. He trained at Rada and since moving to London has never been robbed, which he attributes to looking like he doesn’t own anything worth taking anyway. He’s socialised with the rich and famous and used to have a few big names in his phone book, until he lost his phone.


A political scientist and sometime nerd, Fernando loves football more than anything. After four years in Brazil he decided that it was time to exchange his Caipirinhas for real beer. If you find yourself on Fernando’s walking tour, try to avoid asking him questions about politics, unless you are prepared for looong answers.


My name is Francisco! If you are Mexican you can call me Pancho, if you are Spanish you can call me Paco, if you are Brazilian you can call me Chico, if you are American you can call me “San Francisco” and if you are Italian you can call me “The Pope”. I’m from Patagonia Argentina, and have lived in the USA and Brazil. Now I study International Relations in London and lead Spanish language walking tours for Undiscovered London. I love London’s architecture – if the weather was better, it would be my favourite city in the world! I love Brazilian music and having barbecues with friends and family, and, like most South Americans, I love “fútbol” and am a big fan of River Plate football club.


A northerner living in north London. Alongside leading pub crawls, he also writes songs for Sony and fronts his rock band. He likes to party, slightly addicted to ice cream and is never short of a good story. He knows most people in Camden, from the bar staff to the bouncers, the cleaners to the cabbies, and is always excited to meet more.


A true Gentleman of the Road. Luke, grew up riding shotgun round London in his father’s cab. Since then, he’s travelled in more than 70 countries, danced in a Bollywood movie and met the Dalai Lama. Now he’s back in his hometown introducing people to the city he loves.


A la française! Martin is fresh off the boat from the country of good food and romance. A mountaineer and sport aviation pilot, he also speaks fluent French, English and Spanish. Having worked in five star hotels around the world he has decided to get away from the rich and the famous for a more human and alternative approach to travel. Now he gets paid to party in Camden and mastermind our marketing campaigns.


King of logistics with a big heart and the reason our map and guide gets delivered all around London on time. He knows the city like the back of his hand and plays fussball the way Hendrix played guitar. He and Sam grew up on the same street and have been friends for ever.


A native Londoner who knows the metropole like the back of her hand, Morgane guides groups to famous historical attractions and secret streets. She is fluent in English, French and German, and is widely considered the member of Undiscovered London most likely to become world leader. When the sun goes down and the moon comes up, it’s time to party. She works on the Camden Pub Crawl, ensuring that everyone has a fantastic time.


An unashamed geek, when not poring over a comic book, dusty tome or trying to figure out a Metallica song, he’s acting somewhere – or at least trying to. Born in London, schooled in London, still lives in London, will probably never leave London, he knows a bit about London.


Failed actress and world traveller terrified of flying. Future bride of Prince Harry (unbeknownst to him). Lover of language (I can count to ten in six languages). Highlight of my life: getting stuck in an elevator with Tom Cruise and realising I was taller than him. I love London because everyday there’s something new to do, new friends to meet, and food to eat. I can also play the recorder through my nose whilst tap dancing.


Ruby is a born and bred Londoner and lifelong lover of this big old smoky metropolis. A peripatetic London explorer, she loves rambling through the city, especially in autumn. She is a jolly tour guide, who occasionally shares her Haribos. She is also a writer and PhD student, currently studying something about literature and political economy around the turn of the nineteenth century, though she cannot be entirely certain.


Our Slovenian fashion junkie and shoe lover, with a lucrative sideline customizing Camden Pub Crawl t-shirts for the rich and famous. Ran away from being a lawyer and is hiding out with us.


An intrepid party animal. Having been mistaken for an employee on countless pub crawls on all seven continents, Tim finally found his true calling as a Camden Pub Crawl guide. Usually found cutting intricate shapes on the dance floor.